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20 February, 2014

Urban Poetry Alert! Cracks In My Palms by Thomas C. Ross

Poetry influenced by the urban experience, perfectly meshed together with spiritualism, and political and social issues...and presented in a way you've never seen before.

Cracks in My Palms was written simply because I grew tired of waiting for someone else to write it. The topic that you’ve been hoping your favorite rapper would address, I’ve taken the liberty of addressing. The war within yourself, the battle raging in your mind, your attempts to maintain sanity in an insane world...I’ve put them into words so you don’t have to feel alone anymore.

The many relationship twists and turns that leave us asking, “What exactly is love?” I like to think I’ve answered that question perfectly.

This book was not written simply to entertain you. It was written to awaken the dead in spirit...to cause the bitter to love again...to empathize with the bereaved... to cause debate...to force those who always feel to think, to question the black and white lines of a world that divides us. This book was written for you, you just don’t know it yet.

Love is understanding , love is prayer, love is forgiveness,
Love is taken for granted, love is rare, love is relentless,
Love hurts, love lives, love gives, fierce love is, 
Loves a bitch, your pride love is guranteed  to pierce,
Love dilligently works,
Love pushes, love strains, love strives,
Love weathered under pressure sometmes bursts,
A  love deprived cries because its dying of thirst,
Love can be exciting or mellow and mild,
Love can drive a young man wild,
Love hears, love sees, love learns , love teaches<
Love expects, love delivers, when love is lost, love seeks it,
Love believes, love dreams, love tries, love fails,
Love is pure, love endures, love fights, love prevails,
Love is heaven, love is hell, love is freedom, love is a cell,
Love is a blessing, love is a curse, love is a lesson loves is..
the most perfect imperfection.
Love is ridicule, love is pivotal, love is a very difficult wish for two,
Love is loyal, love is honest, love is principle,
Love is progress, love is mystical, love is a promise, love is invincible,
Love is God’s hands, God’s earth, God’s breath of life, the creation of God’s Man,
Love is a man’s life, his rib, his wife, God’s plan,
Love is the unconquerable emotion that superceedes all,
Love is everything created, shaken together,
Love is beyond boundaries, without measure,
Love is here, love is now, love is forever...yeah, love is forever.
Poetry lovers, pick up or download your copy of Cracks In My Palms by Thomas C. Ross today and read to tell about it!

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marcieP said...

This is really deep and emotionally provoking.