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21 January, 2014

Mentally Challenged: Why Name Call? by Cori Coleman

Mentallly Challenged: Why Name Call?
When his older brother was diagnosed with a learning disability, Cori Coleman began extensive research into what challenges might befall his brother during his lifetime. After observing children from elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools, it became evident that the challenges of those with disabilities often include reading, writing, listening, data retention, and various other obstacles. His research also revealed that, while many individuals with disabilities are successful at learning how to overcome reading and writing challenges, the one challenge that individuals consistently failed to overcome was the existence of the disability itself.
In response to this finding, Coleman offers readers Mentally Challenged: Why Name Call? a contributing body of knowledge, devoted to helping people face their challenges and overcome them.

Meet Cori Coleman, author of Mentally Challenged: Why Name Call?

1. When and why did you begin writing? I began writing poems at age 12 and composed a book of poetry at age 14. I made the book because I needed to explain what I felt about what I saw happening around me. Whatever bad things I saw and any good things I witnessed, I wanted to understand them, so I began writing and just kept going from there. 

2. Is there a central message or theme in your novel that you hope readers will come away from the reading experience with? Yes! Discover yourself and give yourself time to mold the person you are today into who you are designed to be tomorrow. We all have a purpose and in order to serve that purpose, we have to be exactly the person for the job. As readers close this book and sit back to think on what they have read, the end result should be that they want to discover themselves.

3. What has been the toughest criticism you’re received as an author? What has been the best?The toughest criticism came directly from my cousin Craig, who never hesitated to give me honest feedback about my work. If it wasn't good, he would just come right out and say it. The best criticism comes from me. If I know I bummed an article or chapter, I stop writing and admit it. However, the fortunate turnout is that I force myself to delete it all and go back and do it better. 

4. If you had to go back and do it all over again, is there any aspect of writing your novel or getting it published that you would change? No. I learned better this way, making mistakes and having to learn the business for myself. Every setback or failure prepared me for research, which is necessary to excel as an author. 

5. What has been the most effective method of marketing and /or publicizing your books so far? Why or how? So far, word of mouth.

6. What’s next for you? What can readers look forward to from Cori Coleman? I have one more installment for the self-help genre titled, The Challenge. This book focuses on helping you find your spiritual gift and using it to fulfill your purpose. After that, I have some fantasy manuscripts I cannot wait to put into print - a four part series. The first book in the series is Dreams Beyond The Mirror. So look out for The Challenge and Dreams Beyond The Mirror in 2014. 

7. How can we find you online and where can we pick up a copy of your novel? I can be contacted via my official website and I'm also a member of some of the popular online social networks. My book can be purchased directly from AuthorHouse or from several other online retailers.

8. What book are you reading now? How is it? Currently, I have my head buried in Beautiful Creatures by Margaret Stohl and Kami GarciaSo far, it is excellent. I like the devotion of the characters, as well as the faith they show toward each other. I have not finished it yet but I need to, because I purchased Beautiful Darkness, the second book in the series, at the same time that I purchased the first book. I am anxious to get started on it.

Pick up or download your copy of Mentally Challenged: Why Name Call? by Cori Coleman today and read to tell about it!

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