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09 November, 2014

SPOTLIGHT: Jagged Edges by Doris H. Dancy

Derek Wellington's life is set. He was born into wealth, graduated with honors from Harvard Law, and, ever since high school, knew he would marry the beautiful Morgan LaRue. But even with these things in his favor, somewhere along the way, everything he thinks he knows about himself, about Morgan, and even about life itself boggles his mind. Soon he is catapulted into a world of betrayal, deception, and confusion, and, somewhere in the darkness, he must search for The Light to find his way out of the maze. If he fails, it will destroy his heart and soul forever.
Get to know Doris H. Dancy, author of Jagged Edges, right here on the Blog-Zine. Then pick up or download your copy of Jagged Edges by Doris H. Dancy and read to tell about it!

Do you feel that your background or upbringing influences your writing style? If so, in what ways? I cannot remember a time when I was not enthralled with reading a story or telling one.  I can recall in my childhood, making up stories and telling them first to my eagerly awaiting dolls, who were attentive to every word, and then the neighborhood kids, who listened and laughed while sitting under the big apple tree in my grandma’s backyard.  During my teen years and then college days, I found comfort in writing poetry and plays. Writing has always been my passion and I give credit to my mom and grandmother for exposing me to so much poetry, so much language, and insisting that excellent use of grammar be a priority in my life.  

Describe Jagged Edges in ten words or less. It’s a Christian romance, detailing the devastation of betrayal.

When and why did you begin writing? I began writing as a small child because it has always been a talent and a passion. It has been a way to express my inner-feelings, create imaginary people and events, and actually clarify who I am to myself.

Is there a central message or theme in Jagged Edges that you hope readers will come away from the reading experience with? Yes, the message is that, in order to have true love, we must give it time and never confuse it with infatuation, or quick and careless intimacy. True love takes time, commitment, respect, and dedication.

What has been the toughest criticism you’re received as an author?  What has been the best?
Toughest criticism: Some think that I am too wordy in my descriptions…that I tell too much…that the writing should not be like watching a film, which is what I strive to do. Best compliment: My readers seem to love the way that I use words…the phrasing. Also, in Jagged Edges, over and over I have been told that it is a page-turner and almost impossible to put down.

What’s next for you? What can readers look forward too from Doris H. Dancy? I am presently writing the sequel to Jagged Edges and since it is all about Zack, my bad boy in Jagged Edges, there won’t be a chance to blink. This man is CRAZY.

How can we find you online and where can we pick up a copy of Jagged Edges? You can find me online at my Official Website and you can pick up a copy of my novel at Amazon, in either ebook or paperback.

If you had to go back and do it all over again, is there any aspect of writing your novel or getting it published that you would change? No, I would not change a thing. I love Jagged Edges. I fell in love with the characters, the events, and the possibilities of their futures. Additionally, my publisher, St. Paul Press, is available, attentive, cost-effective, and excellent in the presentation of their products. Their cover alone was worth it. I don’t think they could be any better because they still got everything ready for me on time, despite the fact that, when my novel deadline date was upon them, their buildings unfortunately burned to the ground.

What has been the most effective method of marketing and /or publicizing your books so far?  Why or how? I think linking my book with a cause has helped the most. My Relationship conference was a huge hit and people are still buying the book as a result of what the novel stands for. So many people want their teens and young adults to realize the importance of building strong and respectful relationships that develop into true love.  The “quickie” rarely works, if ever.

Doris H. Dancy is an accomplished and award-winning educator, speaker, writing consultant, playwright, wife, mother and author. Her life’s focus has been on educating youth about literacy and spoken word appreciation. She lives in Yorktown, Virginia with her husband.


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