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14 October, 2013

SPOTLIGHT: It Ain't Easy Being Jazzy by Quanie Miller

Jazzy secretly wants to get back together with her ex-boyfriend, Curtis. So when he calls and reveals that he’s got something important to tell her, she has no idea that he’s about to propose - to her first cousin and bitter rival, Mercedes.
Meanwhile, the annual family dinner is coming up and, fearing that she will spend the entire evening seething while Mercedes flaunts a four-carat diamond engagement ring in her face, Jazzy asks Reggie, an Adonis that she met at the mall, to accompany her. And as fate would have it, not only did Reggie and Mercedes used to date, but that backstabbing, leopard print wearing cow is still carrying a torch for him!
Revenge has never been so sweet. But falling for ReggieHoly crap! That wasn’t part of Jazzy's plan! She’s got enough on her plate as it is, with a mother who spies on the neighbors and a sister with man problems that could land them all on the Jerry Springer Show. And when Curtis comes sniffing around again - this time with an accusation that sends Jazzy'z blood pressure shooting through the roof - the one good nerve that she's got left is in danger of completely disappearing.
Blog-Zine Blabber: Okay, first of all, I really like the cover. It's cute and colorful and hints at a light, fun read. Plus, it's so different from the current "look" of covers in AA fiction today. Another thing I like is the book blurb. It tells me that the cover just may have given me the right impression. This seems like it's going to be an easy, entertaining read that will be perfect for devouring on lunch breaks, lengthy commutes, and during telephone conversations where you're only required to utter the occasional "uh-huh" to hold up your end while something else actually has your complete attention. Every now and again, I like to get between the covers with a book that has the potential to make me laugh out loud, so I think I'll download a copy of It Aint Easy Being Jazzy by Quanie Miller and see what's up. Don't act like you don't want to see what's up, too. Go on...download your copy and read to tell about it!

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