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27 September, 2013

Spotlight: Diamond by Mz. Robinson (Part 6 of the Love, Lies & Lust Series)

Being the wife of one of the most respected and feared men in the city comes with an array of perks...

. . .and Diamond enjoys them all. From designer tags, fast cars, and trips to foreign lands, Diamond lives a life that most women only dream about. All she has to do is dream it or wish it and her husband, Leon "Gator" Douglass, will make it come true. But when the good life goes sour and Gator lands himself in prison, Diamond quickly discovers how fast one can go from eating Caviar on Wednesday to eating Beanie Weenies on Thursday. Now, determined to survive on her own and keep the empire that Gator once built in the process, Diamond assumes her rightful place as the leader of "the family." Soon friends become enemies and enemies become allies. And Diamond discovers that loyalty could possibly be the most expensive gift her husband ever purchased and one that she may not be able to afford. . .

"This was such an awesome read from start to finish." ~ Amazon.com

"Diamond's story is top notch in drama." ~ Amazon.com

"Mz. Robinson has done it again, another literary page-tuner." ~ Amazon.com

Pick-up or download your copy of the 6th installment in the Love, Lies & Lust Series, Diamond by Mz. Robinson, today and read to tell about it! Click on the links below to learn more about the author and this exciting series!

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