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15 July, 2013

Spotlight: The Presley Thurman Mysteries by Laina Turner

Trouble just can't resist the likes of Presley Thurman and you won't be able to, either!

The six-book Presley Thurman Mysteries Set is amatuer slueth Presley Thurman at her finest...

1. Stilettos & Scoundrels
Presley tells her boss what he can do with her job in HR and embarks on a new career as a freelance journalist. What seems like a simple interview with a Senator turns into murder when the day after her interview with him, the Senator turns up dead. Does the fact that Presley was one of the last people to see him alive make her a suspect? Her ex-boyfriend, Cooper, who was in charge of the Senator's security, might think so. Presley is determined to clear her name, but can she do it and resist Cooper’s charms?

2. Necklaces & Nooses
When Presley’s boss is found hanging, she thinks it's suicide, until the police discover that it's homicide. Who would want to kill a boutique owner? Presley’s not sure but she’s determined to find out. And the cute detective assigned to the case makes the task all the more exciting.

3. Handbags & Hooligans
Presley went to Vegas to watch her friend Anna get married, but the event somehow turned into her having to solve the mystery of her brother's girlfriend's disappearance. Ashley wasn't exactly the schoolteacher she appeared to be, so who was she and why was she kidnapped?

4. Mistletoe & Murder
Presley goes home for Christmas, expecting it to be a relaxing holiday. Then her old boyfriend, Brian, asks for her help finding out who has been stealing from him and her get-away quickly turns from theft to murder. Why would anyone want to kill Brian and what is he hiding?

5. Gems & Gunshots
Presley heads to San Diego to hang out with Cooper and enjoy the great west coast weather. She doesn’t expect that, while hanging out at the local coffee shop, she will be a witness to a robbery and murder at Gemstone’s Unlimited. And, much to Cooper’s dismay, Presley feels compelled to investigate. She discovers that not only is the store owner a womanizer but he is also filing false insurance claims for diamonds that aren't really stolen. Is that why he's being blackmailed? Is that why someone robbed his store? Presley is determined to find out!

6. As a bonus get the prequel short story, A Day in the Life of Trixie Pristine!
Trixie and her friends, Berklie and Sophie, consider themselves typical thirty-something females, until someone turns up murdered in their newly-opened bookstore/wine bar. They thought they would be living out their dream in their new shop, not trying to catch a killer. Who killed Sylvia and why? Or was one of them really the intended target?

Download your copy of the Presley Thurman Mysteries 6-Book Set and read to tell about it! Also, join author Laina Turner on the Presley Thurman Mysteries Virtual Book Tour. Click HERE or on the banner below to find out where Presley Thurman will turn up next and how you can join in the fun!


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