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19 July, 2013

Spotlight: Miss Nobody by Nicole Dunlap

Fifteen-year-old Charlene Shaw is frustrated with life. Dreaming of a brighter future, she heads for Hollywood. Along her rugged journey to fame, she does everything in her power to erase her past, but she can’t wipe away the deep fears that shake her to her very core.

Raven Shaw grew up in Bellwood, North Carolina - her mother’s tiny Christian hometown. She’s feisty and confident, tough and unafraid to use her fists against the bullies who mock her and call her a bastard. Eventually, she finds love, but she can’t fully commit to anyone until she finally learns the truth about why she was neglected all her life.

When Charlene's and Raven's paths collide, questions are asked and secrets are revealed. Will their lives be ruined or will they simply end up feeling like Miss Nobody?

"Everybody has secrets and they are revealed just when you think you have it all figured out..." ~ OOSA Book Club

"The storyline was flawless." ~ Author B.M. Hardin

"Definitely a series I'll look forward to with Kleenex in hand." ~ Just Judy's Jumbles 

"Dunlap carries the reader through a saga where you are constantly wondering." ~ Patricia Garcia Schaack

Pick up or download your copy of Miss Nobody by Nicole Dunlap today and read to tell about it! 

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