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13 July, 2013

Spotlight: In Times of Trouble by Yolonda Tonette Sanders

Impressed by outward appearances, Lisa Hampton is quick to judge others based on their status and wealth — until her powerful friends try to ruin her happiness. 

Divorced, single-mother Lisa Hampton has been able to start a new life after a scandalous incident that forced her to relocate to Ohio. Thanks to her job, she has the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the wealthiest and most influential people in the state. Lisa’s biggest issue nowadays is her rebellious teenage daughter, Chanelle. 

Other than the stress of dealing with Chanelle, life couldn’t be any better for Lisa. She is best friends with Isaac and Olivia Scott, the most influential and powerful couple in the state, and, if she isn’t hanging out with Olivia, she's spending time with her new beau, Minister Eric Freeman. Not only have his prayers and words of encouragement helped her weather the storms in her life, but she looks forward to the possibility of a future with Eric, though his expectations may be more than she can handle. 

When Chanelle accuses the Scotts’ son of rape, Lisa discovers how quickly her friends become foes, as Olivia and Isaac use their wealth, prestige, and power to manipulate justice. And just as things seem to be going smoothly for Lisa and Chanelle, Olivia makes one last destructive move that threatens everything they hold dear.

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