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05 July, 2013

Listen To What De Does, Watch What He Says by A. H. Carlisle III

Have you ever wondered, during your journey to building relationships, why the simplest processes can turn into the most complex levels of deception? The information that you will read in this book is not a quick-fix remedy on how to perfect this cycle, but it will allow for more insight on the complexity surrounding men. This knowledge will help you understand how men process issues related to dating; know if/when he is ready to commit; and understand the many reasons that more and more men fail to remain monogamous. One of most important things that you will learn is that paying close attention to the "why" will help you determine the "how" in making the best decisions for your life. It will help stimulate your thinking and align his words with his actions. Building a solid foundation in your relationship has enough challenges, considering outside influences, so the ultimate decision on how you move forward in life depends solely on you.

"This book is filled with the best information that I have ever received in regards to being in relationships with men." ~ Chicago, IL

"I felt as if this book gave me the real deal about the differences between the sexes, as well as how to bridge them for a mutually rewarding partnership in the end." ~ Aurora, CO

"Very inspiring with practical truths we can all learn and improve on in our lives." ~ New Jersey, USA

"The information presented did open my eyes and mind more than they were before, and I hope that it does the same for all who read the book."
~ Cayman Islands

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