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12 July, 2013

Blessings and Miracles: a Memoir by Shashicka Tyre-Hill

Success can have many definitions, but ask the people who have obtained it and they will say, “I never gave up.” In Blessings and Miracles: a Memoir, Shashicka Tyre-Hill shares how her life didn’t begin under the best of circumstances. At the tender age of four, she witnessed her mother and father arguing over her father wanting to take food from the family's refrigerator and sell it to feed his drug habit. Shashicka’s emotional outburst in response to her parents' quarrelling landed her in a mental facility. This was the moment that forced her parents' separation and things got much worse before they got better.

After becoming pregnant at the age of fourteen, there were not many who would have given Shashicka much of a chance in life, but that was not the way Shashicka saw it. She knew God had a greater purpose and, with determination and dedication, she worked hard to find what God had for her.

Although the road was filled with many bumps, Shashicka finally found her passion - caring for the sick and shut-in.

Blessings and Miracles is a moving memoir that will have readers cheering for a young Shashicka as if they know her. And upon finishing the story, readers will come to realize that they do know her. She is the young girl standing at the bus stop, the young boy getting into mischief on the street corner, the kids loitering in the park or cutting class at school. Shashicka represents the battle and triumph of so many children of color who find themselves being raised in single parent homes, forced to grow up too fast, too soon.
Pick up or download your copy of Blessings and Miracles: a Memoir by Shashicka Tyre-Hill today and read to tell about it. Also, visit Shashicka's official website to learn more about her journey.

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