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05 June, 2013

Minus One: The Drew Smith Series by Norwood Holland

Before the ink is dry on Drew Smith's license to practice law, he finds himself at the center of a murder mystery. While the recent law school graduate works as a hotel concierge, he befriends two bellmen - an Arab named Medhat and a Latino named Julio. Like the Three Musketeers, they bond, but their friendship is put to the test when Medhat is kidnapped after running up a drug tab that he can't pay. Then, after he is rescued, he becomes the prime suspect in a string of murders. Meanwhile, Drew is captivated by a pretty Latina, whose father objects to her dating black men. Julio and his Filipina love find themselves expecting. And Medhat’s passion for blondes ensnares him in a femme fatale's net.

Chapter 1
Caught Red-Handed

THE OFFICERS WERE dispatched on a possible domestic dispute. They didn’t know what to expect when Mrs. Oliphant met the two at the elevator, one Latino the other African- American, both towering over the blue haired dowager. Nervous and animated, she spoke as rapidly as she stepped, guiding them to the apartment door.

Are you related?” asked the stocky dark haired Latino. “No. I'm Carol's next door neighbor. There was a fight and I heard the disturbance,” Mrs. Oliphant sighed and shook her head as though shaking off a secret annoyance. “Mind you, I don't eavesdrop but I couldn't help hearing—you know thin walls and vents carry conversations. This is her apartment.”

They stopped in front of the corner apartment at the end of the hall. “I have the key,” she said. Mrs. Oliphant's tiny trembling liver spotted hand offered it up between the thumb and forefinger. With a nod the Latino urged her to open the door. “Hard to make sense of it all,” she continued her prattle fumbling to get the key in the keyhole, “I could only piece things together. She's so distraught almost hysterical—it had to be something traumatic. I gave her a sedative.” She relaxed with the key finally in.

Did you go in?” the Latino asked. He reached over her shoulder, turned the knob and pushed the door open. “No, she told me to call the police.” Mrs. Oliphant followed the two in.
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Norwood Holland's Editorial Independence said...

Terra thanks for introducing my work to your readers. I hope you all enjoy it.