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07 June, 2013

Celebrate the Sinner by Steven Merle Scott

“Unsettled conditions anywhere give rise to fear,” Old Ted remarks. “Fear finds scapegoats and easy solutions.”

In 1924, Marie walks through the Waverly Baby Home and chooses Teddy because he looks like the child she deserves...but the boy has hidden defects. Five years later, against a backdrop of financial ruin, KKK resurgence, hangings and arson, Marie's husband, Merle, struggles to succeed, Marie loses her way, and troubled seven-year-old Teddy begins to see what he and his family are missing.

At the onset of the Great Depression, Merle, Teddy’s father, buys a bankrupt sawmill and moves his small family to an isolated Oregon mill town. Merle feeds his hunger with logs and production, while his young wife feels much like the rough-cut lumber around them - unworthy of paint and without a future. When a conspiracy threatens the mill, Merle adds the powerful KKK to his business network and, untended, Teddy searches for a real connection outside of himself. He loves the machines that cut the trees but he also worships his new, young teacher. Soon, he discovers the Bucket of Blood Roadhouse and begins spending his Saturday nights peering through its windows. Eventually, he gains an unlikely mentor in Wattie Blue, an ancient black musician there, who plays the lip harp and calls out square dances. But when Wattie faces the Klan and his past, Teddy and his family must make some difficult choices.
About the Author: S.M. Scott was raised and educated in Oregon, Alaska, France, and Africa. Born in the Willamette Valley, his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all Oregon lumbermen. He attended medical school in Colorado, undertook surgical training at the University of Utah, and completed his cancer training at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. He and his family now live in Salt Lake City, in the warm company of saints and sinners. He is a practicing orthopedist and cancer surgeon. Visit S.M. Scott's official website to learn more.

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