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05 April, 2013

The Power of 40 by Stewart Perrilliat

Over the years, I have come to understand the significance of the number 40. Scientifically speaking, 40 weeks is the length of time it takes for a mother to carry an unborn child from conception to delivery. Biblically speaking, 40 is the number associated with a period of testing before a breakthrough.

The number 40 is an indication that God is ready to birth something new out of pain or challenge. According to the Bible, Noah was in the rain for 40 days and nights before God brought a refreshing promise for His people.

When the Children of Israel were ready to cross over into their promise, the spies who preceded them took 40 days to scout out the land. However, because of disobedience, their 40 days turned into 40 years before they entered into the land of promise. 

Goliath, who was killed by David, challenged the Children of Israel for 40 days prior to their victory over the Philistine army.

Before He began His ministry, Jesus, while being tempted by Satan,  fasted for 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness.

I have experienced my own personal 40 days of trials and tribulations. However, because I did not lose my confidence in God, I was able to realize the significance of the number 40 and receive God’s blessings for me after my test. These truths concerning the number 40 inspired me to write Kingdom Principles for Everyday Living.

In modern times, 30 days is used to complete various programs or to create a new habit. At the beginning of the year, Magazine cover stories often read, Thirty Days to a New You. For the purpose of Kingdom Principles the true number for the manifestation of a renewed life is the number 40. Therefore, the text will afford you an opportunity to develop a more intimate relationship with the Lord and transform your life. As you read the text, it will give you hope and renew your strength. On those days when doubt and disbelief abound, I encourage you to remain consistent with your 40 day cycle of reading Kingdom Principles for Everyday Living: 40 Practical Principles for a Fruitful Life.

I challenge you to apply yourself and to expect a breakthrough by the time you have completed your reading. I encourage you to not only read through the devotions in the book, but to read the related scriptures and commit them to memory. This process will increase your knowledge of God and strengthen your faith in Him.

God’s will for us is to increase us in every area of our lives by being doers of His Word. I pray that this devotional draws you closer to God and gives you the incredible power to break into your promise.
About the Author: Minister. Father. Servant. Evangelist. Author. Stewart Bernard Perrilliat is a gifted individual who has a passion to see broken lives restored and renewed through a relationship with Jesus Christ. A native of Oakland, California, Stewart grew up in a community that was plagued with a number of challenging institutional and socioeconomic ills. Nevertheless, Stewart escaped the lure of the streets and became a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps before becoming the founder and CEO of Perrilliat Enterprises, a general contracting and engineering firm based in Northern California. Stewart began his ministry call as a Street Evangelist in 1995, and since that time he has been used by the Lord to win countless souls into the Kingdom of God. He attributes his success as a Street Evangelist to his ability to present the gospel in a manner that meets people at their place of need. His call has become the central focus of his life and ministry.
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