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25 April, 2013

Ebony the Beloved by Hannah Spivey

How far is she willing to go to be happy?

15-year-old Ebony Starks lives in a dysfunctional household, with two parents who worship opposing deities and have no love for her. Finally, she finds love when she meets Norma Lue, an older woman who takes Ebony under her wing and shows her what its like to have a parent who cares. But just when things are starting to get better for Ebony, she crosses paths with a well-known entertainer whose dark, sadistic side soon rears its ugly head and whose mother is just as controlling and manipulative as he is.
What will it take for Ebony to finally realize that enough is enough?

Pick up or download your copy of Ebony the Beloved by Hannah Spivey today and read to tell about it!

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