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23 April, 2013

Change Beyond The Pain by Monifa Robinson Groover

The purpose of this book is to teach you how to transform your life. While this book is no substitute for the Word of God (The Bible), let this be a guide that simply helps you gain a deeper understanding of what God is trying to impart in all of us.
Change Beyond The Pain will help you discover:

•    True healing comes from allowing God to transform your 
•    You do not have to revert back to the same cycle of hurt, anger, fear and depression
•    God has a plan for your life
•    There is power and purpose in your pain

This book will teach you how to move beyond accepting change to embracing transformation. So if you are seeking restoration, grab your Bible and this book, open your heart and watch the transformation begin.

Read an Excerpt from Change Beyond The Pain by Monifa Robinson Groover
Change Beyond The Pain is about learning how to transition away from a life of misery into a life filled with joy and peace. It is about allowing your character to be altered so that you no longer do the things that keep you in bondage.

Throughout the course of life, we will experience change whether it is positive, negative or indifferent. Most likely, we will also experience some sort of pain – whether it be mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical. If you haven’t experienced this yet, as the old folks would say, just keep living! There is nothing we can do to keep change and pain from being active participants in our lives. These two things are inevitable. They are unavoidable and are bound to happen. However, transformation is about making a conscious decision to modify our lives from the inside out.

Question: So if change and pain are unavoidable how can this guide help me?

Answer: Remember, this guide is entitled Change Beyond The Pain. The key word that links Change and Pain together is Beyond. Beyond signifies transition to a new level – it signifies movement away from. That, my dear, is the meaning of transformation  This book is designed to help you deal more effectively with change and pain. It will give you further clarity and understanding on how to make a smooth transition to the next level. It gives guidance on how to move away from your current situation. Not only that, but you will also learn how to stay away from the people, places and things that fight so hard to keep you down.
Remember, Transformation is an inside job, and once complete, there is no need to go back and redo anything – whereas change is constant and never ending.
To learn more about Monifa Robinson Groover, visit her official website. Also, connect with Monifa online via Facebook and Twitter.

Pick up or download your copy of Change Beyond The Pain by Monifa Robinson Groover and read to tell about it!

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