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01 April, 2013

Beneath Southern Skies by Terra Little Virtual Book Tour

Pack your bags and join us on the Beneath Southern Skies Virtual Book Tour - 2013! We're traveling through cyberspace April 1st - May 31st and coming to a blog near you! Check out the travel itinerary below or click on the banner for more information. See you there!

April 1st - Bitches Be Writin'
April 5th - Tiffany Talks Books
April 6th - ScrapBlog
April 15th - Find True Romance
April 18th - Lori's Reading Corner

May 2nd - Mermaids Singing
May 23rd - Jacintaz3
May 31st - A Day in a Book

Pick up or download your copy of Beneath Southern Skies by Terra Little today and read to tell about it!

Travel arrangements & accommodations graciously provided by...

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