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19 March, 2013

New Erotica Alert! Operation Climaxxx by Girly G.

Warning: Grown Folks' Business Ahead...

Operation: Climaxxx will take you on a roller coaster ride filled with sexual bliss! From the first interaction to the highest peak of culmination, grant your body the freedom to indulge in immeasurable pleasure as your sexual appetite blasts into overdrive. With fifteen intoxicating titles (Backseat Luvin’, Birthday Sex, Seduction, Corporate Shone, Forbidden Fruit, Masturbation, etc.), you are sure to find sexual therapy, sexual healing, and sexual fulfillment.

Operation: Climaxxx will have your juices flowing like a river...your sexual interests piqued...your adrenaline pumping...your heartbeat racing...your temperature rising...as you sexsessfully complete the mission called Operation: Climaxxx.

Download your copy of Operation: Climaxxx today and read to tell about it...after you cool down, that is!

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