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28 March, 2013

Forever and a Day by Jae Henderson (Book Three in the "Someday" Series)

Tee and Michael Stokes have realized that life for them will never be normal. As heads of a new entertainment management company and expecting parents, its now more important than ever to figure out if their stalker, Rebecca DeFoy, is dead or alive. If she’s alive, will she kill again? If she’s dead, who is impersonating her and why? Whichever the case, they must put an end to the harassment once and for all before she puts an end to them.

Their friends have drama of their own……

Tiffany has traded in her tight clothes and stilettos for big hats and conservative dresses as she tries to prove to one of Memphis’most promising young pastors that she is worthy of a man in the pulpit. Can she control her feelings for Michael, or will temptation ruin her chances for love and her friendship with Tee? Lenice has entered the world of online dating. Her keystrokes can’t mask the pain of a failed relationship, but they could lead her into the life of an elderly millionaire. Lenora’s weight loss has changed her body and her attitude for the better, but her husband’s job at the Kitty Kat Club may be too much for even the new and improved Lenora to handle.

                       Get To Know Jae Henderson:

This is the third book in the Someday Trilogy. What can readers expect? Like my previous books, this is an inspirational romance and my characters experience several faith-challenging situations in their relationships, friendships, and careers. However, this one extends the story with suspense and a great mystery, as I slowly reveal who has been stalking Tee and Michael for over a year. It’s a wonderful “who done it” with a Christian twist. It also contains words of encouragement and scriptures for those who are celibate, dating, as well as those in relationships and marriages.

Do readers have to read the first two books in the trilogy to get into Forever and a DayNo. I wrote each book in a manner that allows readers to fully understand the main occurrences in the previous books. HoweverI encourage those who haven’t read the two previous books to do so. Each character has an interesting story that has evolved with each book. For the month of February, the ebook versions of Someday and Someday, Too will be on sale for only $1.99. I hope people will take advantage of this limited time special and download them.

You write Christian/inspirational romance but your books contain love scenes. Why do you include those? I don’t feel that I can realistically illustrate the amazing bond than can occur between a man and a woman and ignore the physical aspects of it. Christians have sex, too. My love scenes are always tastefully done. But my genre also includes the word romance and I recognize that romance includes more than sex. I make sure that love is illustrated in other ways such as acts of kindness and words that make your heart melt.  The characters in my books include married couples who enjoy love to the fullest and celibate singles. I have messages to encourage those who are traveling those roads and the ones in between. It is important for me to include something for everyone. Everyone isn’t having sex, just as everyone isn’t abstaining from sex.

What’s your inspiration for writing? My inspiration is my love for people and my desire to help others live the best life possible. I believe our relationship with God is a major part of that. I want to encourage others to read their Bible and seek His will for their lives. I also want to let the world know that Christians have fun! So many people think that you stop having fun and live a boring life in order to do God’s will. That is so not true. I try to make my characters realistic, which means they have flaws, so that people can see themselves in them and see how much more fulfilling life can be when you live according to the Word. I really am living the good life!

Now that the Someday Trilogy is being put to rest, what’s next? I am in the process of writing books that contain some of the minor characters in the Someday series. I am enjoying creating backgrounds for these men and women, with fresh story lines for my readers. I will also continue to release short stories in the Things Every Good Woman Should Know Series.  These e-stories provide me with the opportunity to encourage and inspire women to be the best they can possibly be in their spiritual, professional, and social lives.

What do you enjoy most about being a writer? I love connecting with my readers. It warms my heart every time I talk to or get a message from someone, telling me how much they enjoy my books. Every writer wants to feel that they are contributing to the lives of others, even if it is by simply allowing them to escape their reality and immerse themselves in a good book. It’s a very gratifying experience. So please keep the face to face comments, emails, Facebook posts, and Twitter tweets coming.

What’s one personal thing about you that you are willing to share with your readers? My mother was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure and  kidney failure. She spent nine days in the hospital and, by the grace of God, she is fine now. I am now working hard to make sure she understands the importance of taking her medicine every day and getting routine dialysis treatments. She can be stubborn. It’s a challenging time, but I am grateful that she is still with me and God is enabling me to care for her. She is my motivation to succeed.

Pick up or download your copy of Forever and a Day by Jae Henderson today and read to tell about it! Also, check out the first two books in the Someday Series.

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