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05 February, 2013

The Holy City by Michael F. Blake

All your life, you've been surrounded by poverty...

When a life-changing proposition is presented to Marcus Williams, he reluctantly makes a decision that will forever change his life. Soon, he is led into a life of blood mischief and crime as he journeys through the cold and gritty Chicago streets. But will his journey end tragically? Or will he beat the odds and prevail? Experience the journey and the inevitable outcome at your own risk as you enter... the Holy City.

A History of the real Holy City, from the Author Himself

Many people wonder what or where the Holy City is. Well, the Holy City is a neighborhood located on the west side of Chicago, Illinois. The area was made famous in the early '60s, in an era when black people were fighting for civil rights. There, an organization called the Conservative Vice Lord Nation was born. No different from the Black Panther Party or any other group that fought for equality, the Conservative Vice Lord Nation was created to raise awareness and fight the poverty that consumed Chicago's Lawndale Community. The real Holy City spans the area between 16th & Pulaski Streets and 16th & Kedzie Streets, as well as other scattered areas around Lawndale. Its name was inspired by the Mecca in the Middle East, the sacred place where the Prophet Mohammed was born, which is commonly known as the Holy City. Since 16th Street was the birthplace and headquarters of Chicago's Holy City, the founding fathers named the area the Holy City, to symbolize that the community was the Mecca of the Conservative Vice Lord Nation.

Unfortunately, over the years, the organization has taken a turn for the worse. Instead of following the strict rules and applying the founding laws and literature of the nation, most of the young brothers who now belong to the nation are in search of money and power. The good deeds that the nation originally set out to accomplish have gone by the wayside. Initiatives to uplift the community, create jobs for residents, open community centers for youth, and the like are virtually nonexistent. Instead, the drugs and crime that have plagued the community ever since the late '70s continue to create chaos and wreak havoc.

Is there any hope for the Holy City? Pick up or download your copy of The Holy City by Michael F. Blake and find out for yourself. Also, connect with the author on Facebook, Twitter, and on his official website to stay up-to-date on forthcoming books in the upcoming Holy City Trilogy.

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