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04 February, 2013

Rock 'n Roll Promises by AmBear Shellea

Meet the characters from AmBear Shellea's hot, sexy new paraphantasy romance novel, Rock & Roll Promises (Jan. 2013):

Just look at her! Who does she think she is? She struts in with her wavy, shoulder-length brown hair, heart shaped face, and lavender eyes. She wears a size 8 leather Tuscadero outfit as she enters the paranormal arena, throwing up Rock Horns and followed by her motley looking crew. They are...

Jaxson - the scruffy-haired man, with eyes the color of chocolate mousse, that she's in love but cannot have, although, he begs to differ.

Sebastian - the tall, pale, and handsome dreamboat that dances his way into her arms and steals the only life she knows.

Paige Hendrix - her tall, blonde-haired and blue-eyed best friend.

Oliver "Ozzie" Zane - the bad boy supernatural/paranormal hunter, who is dating Paige and is perhaps the only human in the group.

But who is she? She is, Anna Skott, the newest face on the scene and the name that promises to be on everyone’s lips from now on. She’s not your average Jane and not your stereotypical Vampire. Her persona is way cooler than a mere human's, and she's a totally different breed in the vampire world. Anna is truly a one of a kind...


                                               Now Meet the Author...

1. Greetings and welcome to the Blog-Zine. Please tell us a little about yourself. My name is AmBear Shellea and I have always enjoyed writing. The dream to become a writer came when I read A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare in the sixth grade. My early works - which are not published - were in the form of children’s stories that I would read to my two daughters. These days, I divide my days between the real world and the ones I create in my books. My life and my characters keep me very busy in the Midwest, where I live with my husband and my children (both human and furry).

2. Do you feel like your background or upbringing influences your writing style? If so, in what way(s)? Maybe, in some ways, yes. I was born and raised in the Golden State, where I was told all my life that my dreams can and will come true. Plus, we visited Disneyland every other year for vacation. For the most part, I just always liked to write.

3. Describe your novella, Rock 'n Roll Promises, in seven words or less. The creation of a whole new animal! Of course, this statement is part of the tagline for the book and is the one that gives the most “dead-on” description. All of the characters, the main ones anyway, are very unique in one way or another. They are very different, as far as I know, from anything out there. I wanted to be sure that the vampires and other creatures that I wrote about in this one were different and not the same ole, same ole.

4. I’m always curious when it comes to science paranormal literature and the people who write it. For you, the author, where does the inspiration to write in the paranormal genre come from? Dreams, nightmares, visions…what? Well, this is complex question but I will try to keep the answer pretty simple. As corny as it sounds, ideas for plots and storylines do indeed come to me in dreams. Often, there is a lot of nagging and arguing with my muses, before we eventually come to a mutual conclusion and I start writing.

5. Do you feel that a writer needs to possess a certain “something” to be able to successfully
write in the paranormal genre? If so, what? Yes, an uncontrolled imagination and endless creativity!

6. In your novel, Rock 'n Roll Promises, if you were your main character’s BFF, what advice would you give him/her and why? I'd probably give her the same advice that her BFF in the story gives her - do it! You never know what you’ll find until you explore your options. In fact, you may just find what you’re looking for.

7. What’s next for you? What can readers look forward to from AmBear Shellea? Well, 2013 is going to be kind of busy. Book 3 in my Pedalstem Lillies Series is (hopefully) due out sometime this year and the follow-up to Rock 'n Roll Promises is also due out in May of this year.

8. How can we find you online and where can we pick up a copy of Rock n Roll Promises? I can be found meandering in a few places. On the booksite you can sample the first 20 pages of Rock n Roll Promises. You can also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and my official website. You can also view and purchase items inspired by the series, such as Pj’s, pictures, Mugs, sweaters and etc. at AmBear’s Phantasy Emporium

Bonus Question: What book are you reading now? How is it? I am just starting The City Of Bones by Cassandra Clare - Book 1 in the Mortal Instruments Series. I hear its fantabulous, so we will see! Shh, no spoilers now. Well, I'd better get back to reading. Thank you, Blog zine, for having me over, I have had a good time. I hope to be back soon - perhaps in May!

Okay, guys, you know the deal. Pick up or download your copy of Rock 'n Roll Promises today and read to tell about it!

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