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21 February, 2013

Book Highlight! Her Sweetest Revenge by Saundra

Sometimes revenge is bittersweet...

Mya Bedford is a seventeen-year-old daddy's girl from Detroit's Brewster-Douglas Projects. When her father is sent to prison and her mother suddenly develops a drug habit, Mya makes raising her younger brother and sister her top priority. Alone and aware of the grimy hustle of the streets, Mya hopes to find a positive path for survival. But when the leader of a notorious gang severely beats her mother for stealing money from him, Mya gets revenge on him and his crew by concealing her identity and robbing the gang at gunpoint. Then, on the heels of her first successful robbery, she meets and falls in love with the very person who is attached to her enemy and, not long afterward, her secret starts to unravel. Death knocks at her door and things begin going horribly wrong. Mya learns that hurt and happiness are one and the same, but only if you first have blood on your hands...

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