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13 January, 2013

Sistah Circle by Felisha Bradshaw

                  Are you a member of a Sistah Circle?

In Sistah Circle, Felisha Bradshaw shows us just how challenging, healing, and rewarding being a sistah with a circle of friends that you can lean on can be.

Tiki, DaVonnche, and Fantasy make up the Sistah Circle. Every Friday these three sistah-friends meet for dinner to dish up advice, warnings, and gossip over Buffalo wings and drinks. But when they start keeping secrets from one another, a different kind of drama joins them at the table. As they each experience their own personal heartbreaks and betrayals, will their individual trials bring them closer together or will tragedy cause what they have to fall apart? After all, they're all as different as night and day. There is DaVonnche, who is on a quest for love. Fantasy, who is just fine with an occasional romp in the hay and nothing more. And Tiki, who is quickly losing a battle with reality. The Sistah Circle is ultimately what binds them together and keeps them grounded and close-knit. But how long can a good thing last?

Join these lovely, strong-willed women as they discover the best and the worst of themselves, and let the "shoot-the-shit" Sistah Circle begin...

Pick up or download your copy of Sistah Circle by Felisha Bradshaw and read to tell about it! Also, visit the Queen Midas Books Official Website to learn more about Felisha Bradshaw and other QMB authors.

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ugmagazine said...

It took me a minute to appreciate my own Sistah Circle; Tishana, Juanita, Hope and Noemi! These sistah may not know each other but I have created a circle of the only close friends that I have. To open the circle to others would be uncalled for. They each serve a purpose in my life as I do in their lives. Tishana; the youngest but the most accomplished and sensible. That's Fantasy. Then there is My old time friend; she's the grounded, saved and loves the Lord, she keeps me spiritually grounded and she is Davonnche. Then their is my never let a woman or man stomp on your ground without getting your dues; whether its money or respect, but really wants love herself and she is a trooper and ride to die chick above all she will lay a bitch down for you and step over her and say lets go to the club... who is your Sistah Circle and how do they relate to the characters in SISTAH CIRCLE!