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03 January, 2013

Romance Lovers Alert! Disarmed by Aliza Mann

"Disarmed is a steamy, thought-provoking sensual feast! I was caught up in the romance of the story and swept away by the passion. A very good read. Aliza Mann is going places!" - from Amazon.com

Jessie Workings is no better for the battle upon returning home from his fourth tour of duty. Having had to deal with the consequences of the Afghan war, his emotional stability is called into question by his commanding officer, leading to some much needed rest and relaxation, albeit in the form of a mandated psychological evaluation. There is, however, a bright side to being forced to come home and deal with the battlefield that is his mind - and her name is Mavis.

The memory of Mavis VanHorn warmed him during those bitter nights on tour and now he will see his high school sweetheart once again. Jessie’s only concern is his inability to provide her with what she wants more than anything – a deeper, more committed relationship with him. For years, he’s skated by with offering her only scraps of his love, but this time he wonders whether it will be enough.

As he deals with confronting his darkest guilt and sorts through his feelings about returning to the Marine Corps - the only life that he’s ever really known - can he explore a more meaningful relationship with Mavis? If he can’t, will Mavis stand for continued exclusion from his life after all these years? In answering these questions, Jessie struggles with the most difficult battle he’s ever faced - the one for his heart.


Pick up your copy of Disarmed by Aliza Mann today and read to tell about it!

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