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11 December, 2012

The Deep Confessions of Faithful Men by Rick & Chris Strickland

Inspired by two of the biggest issues we face in America - marriage and infidelity - The Deep Confessions of Faithful Men by Rick & Chris Strickland tells it like it really is. What if you could really know the deep secrets that men keep buried inside, secrets that only God and a few close friends know about? What if you could really find out why men cheat? In this book, men are finally at liberty to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth and women can finally get the answers they've always wanted, to the questions they've always had. Women learn not only how to think like a man, but to be the kind of lady that men cherish in long-term relationships.

                A Few Words from the Authors...

Why should we buy this book? This book should be purchased because it gives females very honest and open information that will prove to be very valuable in present or future relationships. It is like taking a test and having all of the answers at the same time. You will pass with flying colors! You will no longer have to wonder why your boyfriend will not marry you or how to keep him committed to you and only you. You will now have the upper-hand and can finally say game over or check mate. Also, this book comes to the defense of men, speaking truth to those forbidden areas in relationships, where men are typically forced to keep silent.

What motivated you guys to write this book? The motivation to write this book stems from the divorce rate being over 50%. This means that one out of every two couples end in divorce and that is unacceptable to us. This should sound off an alarm in the minds of people. When a marriage breaks down there is a good chance that children will be impacted negatively in some way. We believe that through this book we can help keep families together and also help rebuild families that have been torn apart by divorce.

What is the meaning of the title, The Deep Confessions of Faithful MenThe meaning of the title is an open door into the hearts of men, exposing their innermost and honest secrets, which in turn lead to better understanding of what men really want in relationships and why things tend to go wrong.

What is your favorite chapter in the book? Our favorite chapter in the book is Chapter 4 - The Heart to Heart Confessions. In this chapter we surveyed numerous women and allowed them each to ask one question that they really and truly wanted to have answered by men. These women really poured their hearts into their questions. We took those questions to faithful men and, in private, we had men answer them openly and honestly. So, in essence, we created a heart-to-heart discussion between men and women.

What is The Brother Confessions chapter about? The Brother Confessions is a chapter in the book in which we allowed men to openly confess any secrets, situations, or circumstances involving the opposite sex. These confessions may be about their own wives or girlfriends, or some other female. Confession is the beginning of freedom. The bottom line was to allow men to finally tell the truth about things that have been buried deep within their hearts. These are the types of things that they would never want their wives or girlfriends to know.

You mention something called “moments of stimulation”. What are these moments? Moments of stimulation refer to those daily moments when men are tempted by the beautiful women that they come into contact with in malls, on the job, at the gym, and many other places. Though these encounters are only for a “moment," if not kept under control, they could lead to acts of infidelity. Each moment builds onto the next moment and how a man responds in any given moment is directly linked to his home life with his wife or girlfriend. The more and more a man gets stimulated, the more he feels that he has to relieve himself of that pressure.


To learn more about the men behind The Deep Confessions of Faithful Men, the book, and how to get your hands on your very own copy, make a Facebook and Twitter connection, and visit the authors' official website today! And, as always, read to tell about it!

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