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28 November, 2012

Pedalstem Lillies Series, Book 2: REVELATION by AmBear Shellea

Some fairytales begin with 'once upon a time' and end with 'happily ever after'. Revelation (Book 2 in The Pedalstem Lillies Series) is a not that fairytale. Join Blaze, once again, as she struggles through the darkness. Her adventure for the truth is deadly as it’s pieced together with schemes, plots, and wicked intentions. A violent disagreement finds her out and about, with a man whose presence is forbidden, and is forced to seek shelter. Heat and electricity engulf them as the oncoming storm reveals secrets. Exhausted and breathless, their plan for revenge awakens with sunrise. The scene is set and the lines are drawn. Purity & Power vs. Menace & Mayhem.

Who will be left standing when the magic clears?

                                The Reviews are in!

"As with the first one, this is also a fast paced read. It is very exciting..."

"Revelation was full of suspense and passion, kept me wanting more the whole way through. I so hope AmBear Shellea writes more. I would love to read more about these characters. It took a lot of imagination and thought to come up with a story like this. I really enjoyed it!"

Are you a Fantasy-Romance fan? If so, download your copy of the Book 2 in the Pedalstem Lillies Series - Revelation by AmBear Shellea - today and read to tell about it! Also, be sure to check out Book 1 in the series - Chaos Unleashed by AmBear Shellea.

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