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29 October, 2012

Once Upon a Fairytale Princess by Adrianna Morgan

In a matter of moments, Ella Fitzpatrick’s life went from bad to worse. Her father’s boast pits her against every seamstress in the village, who are all vying for the ultimate prize - to be guest of honor at the Prince’s ball. Once there, Ella catches the eye of the charming prince and manages to make a powerful enemy, one who is not above using magic to aid her quest. Now Ella is on the run, chasing the very villain who killed her mother ten years ago and who may be trying to kill her now. The only thing stopping Ella is her lack of knowledge about her own magical background - and Hunter, the Prince’s brooding bodyguard.

Hunter Kirk has been in love with Ella since she promised to marry him when they were children. Now she is pledged to his Prince and someone might be trying to kill her. He has to get to her before the last Fitzpatrick sorceress is killed - and he loses his chance to tell her how much he loves her.

A few words with the author who spun the fascinating plot at the heart of Once Upon a Fairytale Princess...

1. Greetings and welcome to the Blog-Zine. Please tell us a little about yourself.
 Well…what can I say about myself? I am originally from the Bahamas and moved to the US for college. I fell in love with Florida and decided to stay. I have a love affair with books (as do most writers) and I absolutely love horror movies, although I am unable to sleep for weeks after watching a good one. Writing, reading and dancing are my passions and a good book can keep me engrossed for weeks. I write Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Erotica. Under the pseudonym Rianna Morgan, I write African-American Romance.

2. Do you feel like your background or upbringing influences your writing style? If so, in what ways? My upbringing definitely played a part in my writing style. Most islanders tend to be slightly superstitious, so I learned about different tales of ghosts, monsters, and other things that went bump in the night, which helped to hone my imagination. I also come from a book-friendly home. My family loves to read and I found myself as a kid reading my mom’s old “Mills and Boon” books. I found myself rewriting the endings to books that I thought should have ended differently. In high school, I had an entire notebook of ‘alternate endings’ for mainstream books.  My mother also did not censor my reading. She allowed me to read whatever I wanted, as long as I was reading. That allowed me to branch out from romance into suspense, mystery and even horror. 

3. Describe your novel Once Upon a Fairytale Princess in seven words or less. The novel is about finding true love and revenge using magic.

4. I’m always curious when it comes to the fantasy genre and the people who write it. For you, the author, where does the inspiration to write in the fantasy genre come from? Dreams, nightmares, visions…what? It comes from a mixture of stories from my youth, my interest in mythology, and sometimes from dreams. Once Upon a Fairytale Princess came about as my mom and I were discussing the latest trend in Hollywood of revamping fairytales. I wondered what it would be like if all the ‘Princess fairytales’ were simply one girl’s story as she searched for true love. The magic part was added later, as the book was originally to be something like a historical romance, but having magic and dragons and a sorceress for a grandmother made it more interesting.

5. Do you feel that a writer needs to possess a certain “something” to be able to successfully write in the fantasy genre? If so, what? I think a writer simply needs a vivid imagination. It takes more than simply being able to write to create a new world. You have to be able to see that new world and replicate it on paper. Think of all the writers you’ve read (traditional and self-published) and how their worlds can differ. The vampire and werewolf genres have been redone time and again, but what makes that one author a success is if they can draw you into the world they’ve created.

6. What are your thoughts about the cross-cultural appeal of fantasy, paranormal and/or supernatural literature? Do you craft your stories in such a way that increases cross-cultural appeal or have you found a “niche audience” that best fits your writing style? I think that many people have an interest in fantasy, paranormal and the supernatural because in almost all cultures there is some aspect of the supernatural that exists. As kids, we were told stories of the tooth fairy, the boogie man, and even Santa Claus. All of these characters are a part of the supernatural and so many other characters have cross-cultural roots. Ghosts are a part of almost every culture, even though they may go by many names, but the idea is still there and that’s what makes the supernatural so global.

7. In your novel, Once Upon a Fairytale Princess, if you were your main character’s BFF, what advice would you give him/her and why? I would tell Ella to be more assertive. She is too busy helping everyone (especially her father) and, instead of standing up for herself, she runs.  Granted, because she runs away, we get the varying princesses and the different scenes, but the potential to stand up and demand to be treated in a certain way is already there.

8. Is there a central message or theme in Once Upon a Fairytale Princess that you hope readers will come away from the reading experience with? We all have a little bit of “Fairytale Princess” in each of us. It is how we deal with the issues we have that defines us. Will we continue to run, hoping to find a Prince Charming to rescue us? Or perhaps we need to understand that sometimes Prince Charming may have his own issues and may not be the best fit for us after all. 

9. What’s next for you? What can readers look forward to from Adrianna MorganI will be working on yet another twist on the fairytale genre with a new series called The House of Valnak, which features vampires in fairytale roles. The first book is called, Reyna: The Assassin and is based on the story, Snow White. What happens when Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are a band of vampiric assassins who work for the Wicked Queen?  Snow’s latest target? A rebel vampire who goes by the name of The Huntsman.

10. How can we find you online and where can we pick up a copy of Once Upon a Fairytale Princess? You can find me and more information about my books at my official website. Also, Once Upon a Fairytale Princess is available via Amazon.

11. What book did you just finish reading? How was it? My mom gave me a copy of Wickedly Charming by Kristine Grayson and it was a great read. Another twist on fairytales, this book chronicles what happened after Cinderella and Prince Charming divorced (from Charming’s point of view) and his budding relationship with Snow White’s stepmother. 


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