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18 September, 2012

Street Fiction Alert: Daisy Jones by Mack Mama

Daisy Jones is a bad ‘lil mama. Though her mother raised her to manipulate men for their power and money, she let her heart in the game and fell victim to hip hop mogul Young Chio. The journey starts in Atlanta, Georgia, and ends up in fast-paced New York City. Daisy and her girls, the O.B.G.s, will make your head spin and your jaw drop with their treachery and backstabbing. And the ending will surely teach all gold diggers that getting their “Daisy Jones” on may not turn out like they think.

The reviews are in...

The Official DC Book Reviewer said: "Mack Mama penned a story that not only was entertaining, but it also gave the reader something to think about. I would actually like to see some of the gold diggers of today read this story, especially the younger ones who have an opportunity to change their ways. I give Mack Mama five stars for a well written story with a lesson included."

ARC Book Club said: "Mack Mama did her thing with her first literary contribution. I liked the relationships between the characters, and how the story came together in the end."

Now what about you? Pick up your copy of Daisy Jones by Mack Mama and read to tell about it!


Mack Mama is a self published author with two titles currently to her credit. Her autobiography, Tales of an Original Bad Girl, tells the riveting story of her life with raw honesty as she shares what made her turn to the streets with vengeance and fury. Shooting four people sent her to prison and ultimately put her on the road to becoming the woman she is today. She is a motivational speaker, sharing her testimony with troubled teens in schools around the country, and the owner of Star Status Publishing. Be sure to check out Tales of an Original Bad Girl, as well as its accompanying soundtrack, to find out why Mack Mama's is a voice in the street lit arena that the world needs to hear.

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