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16 September, 2012

Listen Up! Kyshae Music Wants to Educate You!

So I was hanging out on Facebook one evening and, like always, I checked my notifications. Now, like most people, I get invited to join a lot of groups and play a lot of games - most of which, honestly, I don't. But when one of my Facebook friends invited me to "like" the Kyshae Music Page, I was curious to find out what Kyshae Music was all about. So I click on the link and visit the page, right? And what do I find? An engaging young lady who, not only sings, but sings about positive things! As a secondary school teacher, I was hooked. As a music-loving consumer, I was impressed. And as an African-American woman, I was honored to "like" the Kyshae Music Page. Immediately afterward, I invited Kyshae Music to come and hang out with us on The Blog-Zine, so you could get to know her and her music, too.

Check out the wonderful conversation that we had...

1. Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from, what’s your personal background, etc.? I was born Zariah Kyshae Hall, but Kyshae became my entertainment name, because when I take to the stage, I’m in a whole other mood. I love all kinds of music. I spend my free time with my great-grandmother, Ms. Jackie. She’s 72 and loves to watch wrestling. My great-grandmother is my biggest fan. I live in Florida.

2. Who first told you that you could sing and what was your reaction? My mom. She would always do me like the Jackson kids on the Jackson’s Movie when people came over. She'd say, "Listen at my baby sing," even if people really didn’t have time. One day an artist named Dukwon came over and my mom asked me to sing for him. He’s been my manager ever since. My cousin Dominic used to pay me a dollar for singing The Climb by Miley Cyrus. In June 2008, I sang The Climb for the last time at his funeral. He couldn’t pay me with money then, but he paid me with happy tears because it rained during my performance.

3. If you could sing a duet with anyone you choose, who would it be and why? I would like to do a duet with T.I.’s son, Damoni. We are both starting out - I could sing and he could rap. I would like that a lot.

4. What people, places and/or things inspire your music? My Auntie Candance. I used to mock-sing like her a lot around the house. She encouraged me to sing in church to have an audience and, after my first time, I really started getting interested in singing as a career.

5. How would you classify your music (R&B, Rap, Blues, Hip-Hop, Pop, etc.) and why? Pop-Hop = Pop + Hip-Hop. I love them both. I watch a lot of Teen Disney.

6. Before performing, do you have a ritual, routine, or habit that you do that helps you prepare?
My voice coach, Lyric Raines, taught me a lot of breathing and voice exercises. She’s a really, really good singer.

7. What are your thoughts about the music on the radio today? How does your music either fit in with it or set itself apart from it? Right now my music gets played on our local stations and my age group doesn't really tune in to them a lot. Maybe one day my music will be downloaded into their iPods and mp3 players.

8. Aside from your music, what are some of your other hobbies or interests? Running. I love to run and, besides that, I play school with my sister and cousins. I’m just a little girl that likes to play in my room.

9. What’s up next for you? What projects (CDs, singles, appearances, etc.) can we expect from you in the future? Right now I’m working on an album. My video for Bump It Up will premiere on my Official Website in early September 2012. I just released a new single called Educate Yourself and a lot of companies got together and donated over $1,000 to help me sponsor a Back to School Drive for my school. I have bookings through the end of the year.

10. How/where can we learn more about you and your music, and where can we find you online? You can visit my Official Website; find me on Facebook; and follow me on Twitter. For bookings, you can contact my manager, Dukwon, at DCMG Management via email.

Many thanks to Kyshae and her manager, Dukwon, for making it possible for Kyshae to join us on The Blog-Zine today. I so enjoyed interviewing Kyshae - almost as much as I enjoyed snapping my fingers as I watched her music videos! Before we wrap it up, though, you guys have got to check out the Kyshae Music videos for yourself...

Now click on over to iTunes and download your songs TODAY! Let's support something positive, for a change! Much success to Kyshae and her music!

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