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24 August, 2012

Shonell Bacon Takes Us "Into The Web"...

Its not often that readers get to interact with the characters from the books they read. That's why I thought it was especially cool of Shonell Bacon, author of Into the Web, the stunning follow-up to Death at the Double Inkwell, to join us here on The Blog-Zine with none other than Jovan Parham, one of the main characters in both novels, in tow. Jovan finally agreed to sit down with Shonell for a one-on-one interview and I, for one, am anxious to find out what she had to say.

So enough from me, check out the interview...

A Note from Shonell: It took a while for me to hook up with Jovan for this interview. Despite the fact that I created her, once created, she took on a life of her own and she is often racing off, trying to fight crime instead of writing books. Speaking of books, in case you didn’t know, Jovan writes mysteries and thrillers, so I wanted to talk to her about the books she and Chey, her twin sister, write together. Unfortunately, the interview didn’t go completely as planned...

Shonell: Why don’t you accept my phone calls?

Jovan: I do, I do. Stop. You make me sound bad. You know if Chey and I don’t get this novel in to El, she will kill us.

Shonell: Unlikely story. Now that I have you strapped into that chair, let’s dish.

Jovan: OK, shoot. Not literally.

Shonell: Believe me, I don’t want to do you harm, Jo. OK, the theme is mystery writing.

Jovan: Fave subject.

Shonell: I know, right? So tell, how did you and Chey get started writing together?

Jovan: It was Chey’s idea ... despite the fact that I’m the one that went to school for writing and she is the analytical, science chick. We both love to read, and both were heavy into reading mysteries at the time. She came at me with an idea for a novel, and I really liked it. Liked it even more when she asked if I wanted to write it with her. I was surprised she wanted to write a book, even more shocked she wanted to write one with me.

Shonell: You and Chey have written a string of books together, each one better than the last. The success is even cooler considering you two are twins. How cool is it to be a twin?

Jovan: It has its up and down days. LOL. The best thing about it is I know that Chey will always have my back. Even when I mess up and do something stupid--she might give me the eye, put a string of expletives together, but in the end, she will hug me, tell me she loves me, and help to right the wrong I made. Now, the downside is the woman is always in my head--and I’m in hers. I literally ache when she’s hurting, and she’s quick to call me when she gets even a twinge of pain. We read each well. Like a lot of twins do.

Shonell: Does being a twin and being in such a tight relationship with Chey negatively affect the writing you two do together?

Jovan: Absolutely not. In fact, it enhances the writing. I’ve been told, not sure if I believe it, that I’m a bit naive about life sometimes. I see the glass as half-full, I can have flights of fancy, and most of the time, I’m willing to believe that everyone has good in them. Not to say that Chey doesn’t share some of these feelings, but she’s more of a realist. She doesn’t see the glass as half-empty or half-full; she sees it as she’s thirsty and she’s going to need more to drink. LOL. Our different personalities and ways of being play off each other well when we get into our writing.

Shonell: How about when it comes to relationships?

Jovan: Um... Same. Again, we’re a bit night and day. I’m dating Mark. He’s stable, dependable, with a sensible job. The kind of guy a woman would dream to be with...

Shonell: But I hear you two are having problems...

Jovan: Uh... Not problems, per se. I mean after the way we hooked up and all the baggage we now carry, it gets difficult. But anyway, moving on because you’re not going to have me on a cover of a crappy magazine talking badly about my relationship. Chey’s dating Ian, an ex-detective now private investigator. His world is always fast-paced with danger lurking. Even our taste in men is different, so no fighting over a man with us.

Shonell: May not fight over men, but you two seem to have a lot of blues with them. You refuse to tell Mark you love him and...

Jovan: Now, I wouldn’t say REFUSE...

Shonell: ...and Chey and Ian have hit their own rocky patch. How are they doing?

Jovan: They’re ... they’re, they’re good. You know. Every couple has ups and downs.

Shonell: Ups, downs, secrets...

Jovan: I said nothing about secrets. I thought this was supposed to be a talk about mystery writing.

Shonell: You’re right, you’re right. I’m sorry. So, the latest book you and Chey are working on ... how eerie is it that it has parallels to the case you two are working on?

Jovan: Chey and I always seem to fall into something like that. I guess in the end, murder is murder. Our latest book is about a string of murders, women being murdered who happen to frequent the same matchmaking site. We initially wanted to do a novel that focused on young girls being lured off the Internet, but after following an organization that worked to track and capture Internet predators, we were too sickened to do the writing.

Shonell: And then you two fell right into the Teeniverse murders...

Jovan: (nods) Seeing these young, beautiful girls taken way before their time is devastating. So now we’re working with the police to help capture this... this... thing that might have once been a human being.

Shonell: It’s this case, right, that starts to aid in unraveling your and Chey’s lives, right?

Jovan: Excuse me?

Shonell: You and your relationship with Mark... Chey and her relationship with Ian... first you’re accused of murder... and now you have to deal with this.

Jovan: Stay on topic, Shonell.

Shonell: (mutters) You would think you could write better lives for yourselves being such good writers.

Jovan: I heard that. This... TALK... is over. I expected better than this from you, Shonell. I didn’t take you for being the trashy tabloid kind. You would get along well with Linda Hayes.

Shonell: Hey! Below the belt.

Jovan: Whatever. The only way you’ll learn more about me is by reading my story. Good day. (gets up and walks out)

Shonell: (to readers) Jovan might’ve left the talk prematurely, but that’s OK. We can all learn more about her and Chey and their deteriorating relationships in Into the Web.

Shonell Bacon is an author, believer, blogger, doctoral candidate, editor, educator, reader – in a nutshell, with more nouns that she could throw in there if need be! As the author of four novels and several short stories and essays, Shonell writes what she likes to call life fiction. She’s not a big fan of having to pigeonhole her work into genres, but if she has to name genres, she has written mysteries, erotica, sensual romance, Christian fiction, and creative non-fiction. You can learn more about Shonell by visiting her official website and hooking up with her on Facebook and Twitter. Also, check out Shonell's professional editing portfolio HERE.

A Note from Terra Little: Download your copy of Into the Web today and read to tell about it!

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