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07 August, 2012

Crimson Footprints by Shewanda Pugh

In case you hadn't heard, Crimson Footprints by Shewanda Pugh is getting some rave reviews. Luckily, AAMBC (African-Americans on the Move Book Club) and Delphine Publications founder, Tamika Newhouse, brought the author - Shewanda Pugh - and the book in question by The Blog-Zine for a visit so I could share this outside-the-box story with you. This timely story comes at a time when interracial and multicultural romance is hot, so this should be a fun read.

The Story:

When an insecure bi-racial woman begins a cloak and dagger love affair with a Japanese-American man, she is intent on keeping her bigoted family in the dark, albeit with devastating consequences...

On the night of her brother's murder, Deena Hammond stumbles upon Takumi Tanaka, lost and on the wrong end of a deadly .32. After rescuing him from the certain fate that driving a Porsche through the 'hood can bring, a sweet kind of friendship begins - a balm for her grief. Maybe, Deena likes to think, the seeds to cultivate such a relationship were planted the day her white mother killed her black father. Or maybe it was always part of both of them, like DNA gone bad. Whatever the case, Deena knows that her family would never approve and they would never acknowledge her fast-growing love for Takumi. And had he never made love to her in the soul-searching way that he did, she might've been able to agree with them. But love is a devil that way and so their game begins, one where they hide who and what they are to each other from any and everyone.

Takumi understands the need for secrecy...for now. After all, Deena's career hinges on the favor of her mentor and boss, who just happens to be his hard-ass of a father, and the Hammond family is already stretched thin with grief as it is. But each step that Deena takes toward her family and her career brings her closer to an acceptance that she's never had and moves her father and farther away from him.

What Reviewers are Saying:

"All [of the] characters in the novel demonstrate an evolution from start to end, especially the heroine, Deena. It was both a joy and a frustration to follow her path of self-discovery and self-worth."

"I opened this book expecting nothing and I ended up with everything. Literally."

"I would recommend Crimson Footprints to anyone who likes a good romance. I especially liked the fact that there is more going on in the story besides a girl meeting a boy and falling in love."

"I am recommending this book to my friends. We all need to be reminded of what is important in life and to be loved is something that we all seek."

Okay, so now who the heck is Shewanda Pugh?

Debut novelist, Shewanda Pugh, is a native of Boston's inner-city. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Alabama A&M University and a Master's Degree in Writing from Nova Southeastern University. Fueled at a young age by her passion for crossing societal boundaries, such as race, class, and culture, Shewanda's writing, as well as her cluttered bookshelf, reflect this ongoing passion. When she's not busy obsessing over fiction, she can be found traveling, nursing her social networking addiction, or enjoying the company of loved ones.

Connect with Shewanda on Facebook, Twitter, and on her official website. And pick up your copy of Crimson Footprints today! Read to tell about it!

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