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29 July, 2012

What in the O.O.S.A is going on?

(Note: the majority of text in this post was shamelessly borrowed (with permission) from Author Stacy Deanne. To learn more about Stacy and find out where you can pick up copies of her books, visit her website by clicking HERE.)

Something's going on with O.O.S.A Book Club! For those of you who don't know, O.O.S.A is an acronym for "Only One Key Stroke Away" and the ladies behind the keys are always on point. Primarily an online book club, the ladies of O.O.S.A have gained a reputation for providing honest, objective, and thorough book reviews - reviews that many book buyers take very seriously, myself included. O.O.S.A is also the creative force behind the annual Book Club Pajama Jam that takes place every year in my hometown - St. Louis, Missouri. These ladies have supported and helped to promote countless authors over the years, and always without expecting anything other than an occasional nod here and there in return.

But now the ladies of O.O.S.A Book Club need our help. Read on...
What Stacy said that we all need to be aware of:

OOSA needs our help! If you've had books reviewed by them on Amazon you might have noticed those reviews have suddenly gone missing. I had reviews yanked from my books from 2007 and from one of my recent books, all from OOSA. I contacted OOSA and they say they have been fighting Amazon on this issue. Amazon claims that OOSA has broken guidelines and OOSA doesn't agree. I do not, either. I can't see where OOSA's reviews broke any guidelines.

Anyway, OOSA says they are doing their best to rectify the situation and urged me to contact Amazon, so I did. If you all have had reviews from OOSA removed from Amazon, please contact Amazon and ask them to restore your reviews. You might not have noticed they were missing.

This is important. OOSA is one of the few venues that support AA authors. They are always so supportive of me, so I was glad to help! Please help spread the word to any/all authors you know! We need the 1,000+ reviews that have been removed from Amazon so far, back!

Thank You
Okay...I've sent my email in support of O.O.S.A Book Club. You can send yours to: jeff[at]amazon.com or community-help[at]amazon.com.

Does anyone else smell a possible conspiracy underfoot? But who would instigate such an action...(insert "whodunit" music here)...and now I'm going to go sit down somewhere and ponder this dilemma some more.

Until next time...

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