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03 June, 2010

Author Spotlight on Mari Walker

Meet Mari Walker...

Mari Walker developed a love of words at a very young age by listening to her mother’s smooth, mellow voice as she read tales from an old Southern fairytale book or spun tales about her childhood growing up in Blakely, Georgia. Mari imagined that she could see worlds unfolding and characters acting out the adventures that were spun from those beloved stories.

Overcome with curiosity about whether the pictures in her head matched the ones in the book from which her mother read, she climbed onto her mother’s lap with cries of "Can I see the pictures?" To her utter amazement, there were none. A new and wonderful thought was birthed inside her that day. A person could carve out worlds, adventures, people, pictures, sounds and, at times, even smells from mere words. From that moment on, she knew she wanted to become an author.

Mari divides her time between freelance writing and editing, and advising aspiring writers on the techniques she has learned on creative writing. She has also volunteered with local elementary schools and with an after school reading & tutoring program, and done some grant research. In general, Mari lends a hand wherever and whenever needed.

She resides in Ohio and is currently at work on her next literary project. She hopes to one day capture her mother’s stories in a book. Learn more about Mari and her work at www.mariwalker.com. Also, follow her on Twitter and 'friend' her on Facebook! Write to Mari at mari@mariwalker.com.

About Mari's Books...

In Never As Good As The First Time, Jadyn Collins managed to survive her mother's crack addiction and a harrowing life and death situation that could have ended her young life. Now Jadyn is back - grown, sexy and trying to live her life like it's golden. Will she manage to live out her dreams without repeating her mother's mistakes? Or will her dark past and her quest to find a father that she barely knows derail her dreams and take her from the frying pan straight into the fire? (St. Martin's Griffin, April 2010)

Never As Good As The First Time is the story of Samai Collins - a young, naive, Christian mother of three, who finds herself on the brink of divorce from her minister husband, Ian. The unexpected and strong sexual desires that overwhelm her during their separation leave Samai doubting her faith and, unable to reconcile these carnal cravings with her spiritual teachings, Samai's emotionial turmoil spills over into a Sunday night service at her church. It is a cry for help that her pastor is ill-equipped to handle. These unrequited sexual urges and a chance encounter with an old high school crush - super fine, street-wise Zane Blackmon - lead Samai down a dark path that she never knew existed. One that will leave her questioning her belief in God, herself and her ability to mother her children. (St. Martin's Griffin, April 2008)

If you haven't picked up copies of Mari Walker's books, you're missing literary treats that you're sure to love! Available online and everywhere great books are sold!

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