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05 February, 2010

Get Ready for the "When the Smoke Clears" Virtual Book Tour!

It all started in January 2009, with one woman and one man, both flying under the radar and living lifestyles that they would eventually come to regret. They parted ways without even really realizing that they'd met each other and one of them harboring a secret that would introduce them to each other all over again in due time. In Where There's Smoke, Alec Avery gets an unwelcome blast from his drug-dealing, street-running past that turns his life upside down. Back in the day, he was known as “Smoke” and Anne Phillips was one of his customers. So how did they end up with a teenage son together? You do the math. He's a teacher now and he has his own life, but the chance to get to know the son he's just finding out about is one that he welcomes with open arms. But while one long overdue relationship is taking shape and gaining substance, another long-forgotten one is gathering steam and sparking flames. Two was always company, now is three a crowd?

Now, in January 2010, the saga continues...one woman, one man, and the son they both love to distraction. After a few ups and downs, Alec “Smoke” Avery and Anne Phillips have found a rhythm they can both groove to, and they’ve made a love connection. But just when they think they can finally settle down and tie the knot, their past comes back to haunt them in ways they never imagined. When The Smoke Clears, truths will have to be told and Anne will have to accept the fact that she and Smoke are more alike than she cares to admit. After all, like recognizes like, right?

Readers everywhere have grown to love the characters in these books and I know you will, too! That's why I'm bringing them on a virtual tour with me and inviting you along for the ride! Check out the itinerary below and mark your calendars, people, because things are about to get a little heated...

When the Smoke Clears Virtual Book Tour Itinerary

Thursday, February 11, 2010
We're taking off from homebase, right here on The Official Blog-Zine of Terra Little! See what reviewers are saying, see where we're headed next, and check out a book bite! One lucky visitor will win a Barnes & Noble Giftcard just for commenting!

Thursday, February 18, 2010 (8:30EST, 7:30CST, 5:30PST)
Join me for a book chat with the wonderful book junkies over at What's Da Story! Die-hard book lovers from all over the country come together on the What's Da Story Forum, so you're missing out if you haven't joined the family yet. Want to know where all of your favorite authors hang out? Join the forum and find out! Click HERE to join the forum, so you'll be ready for the chat and also in a great place to talk books, books, books afterward! One lucky chatter will win a pair of beautiful, hand-crafted keepsake quality bookmarks from Bookmark It!

Thursday, February 25, 2010
Find me on Facebook! If you aren't already a member of the Author Terra Little Fan Page on Facebook, join us, won't you? Throughout the day, I will be posting comments to the page and testing your sleuthing skills. Answer correctly and you'll be entered into a drawing to win a giftcard from the one and only Carol's Daughter!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
5 Minutes, 5 Questions with Joey Pinkney - Your favorite book reviewer's favorite book reviewer...Period. Stop by, hang out with me and Joey, check out the interview, and you could win an autographed copy of Where There's Smoke 2: When the Smoke Clears by yours truly!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010
Writers of Color Blogtour - If you haven't landed on the Writers of Color Blogtour Blog yet, you're missing a treat! Join me there and discover all that the blog has to offer to writers and readers of all colors, and you could win a Amazon Giftcard just for commenting!

Monday, March 15, 2010
Discover why the ChickLitGurrl is High on Lattes and Writing! Chicklitgurrl, Shon Bacon, has the spotlight on me and I'll be squirming a little bit, but I'll also spotlighting readers by giving away a Books-A-Million Giftcard to one lucky commentor!
Alright, there you have it people! The tour is about to start and I hope I see each and every one of you along the way! Until then...Happy Reading!


katina said...

Loved where ther eis smoke 1 and 2 read it in 3 days..Hoping there will be a part 3 and 4 lol...

tina said...

Loved where there is smoke 1 and 2 .. read them in 3 days .. cant wiat until part 3and 4.. im pushing it .. lol..

Terra Little said...

Thank you!!! Glad you enjoyed them!