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06 August, 2009

Chronicles of a Lesser-Known Writer: Part XIV - Students Will Become Teachers (LOL)


As many of you may know, Sol Stein is a master editor, playwrite, author, and lecturer, among many other things. His book, STEIN ON WRITING: A MASTER EDITOR OF SOME OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL WRITERS OF OUR CENTURY SHARES HIS CRAFT TECHNIQUES AND STRATEGIES (St. Martin's Griffin), recently landed in my mailbox (because I ordered it) and I've dived right in. I'm a published author, but that doesn't mean I'm done learning. Not by a long shot. Honing my craft and bringing my readers joy through the words I put on pages is my goal and Mr. Stein is going to help bring me one step closer to it. Possibly two or three steps closer...

Now, I'm not all that big on non-fiction when it comes to reading for pleasure, probably because I seem to always be in school and in the midst of reading textbooks, but I'm going to read this man's book from cover to cover if it kills me.

What say you join me? What good is learning new things if you can't share what you learn with others who want or need to learn new things, too?

I thought it might be fun to blog about what I'm learning and how I might use my new knowledge as I make my way through Stein's book. Hence, the Students Will Become Teachers (LOL) Segment here on the Blog-Zine. I'm the student, Stein is the teacher, and I WILL learn, cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye. And, hopefully, you'll learn, too. Vicariously, of course.

In the interim, if you'd like to acquire your own copy of Stein On Writing (highly recommended) and follow along with me and even offer some commentary, please feel free to do so! We're not re-inventing the wheel here, just riding along with Stein as he drives the car...

Stay tuned for the first installment in the series.

This ain't over...

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