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27 April, 2009

Chante's Song by Donneil D. Jackson

Escape Into Pure Bliss with Chante’s Song, the debut novel by Donneil D. Jackson. The boundaries of love are tested when a woman must choose between the man she loves and the man that loves her.

Get to know Jason McGee, one of the leading characters in Chante’s Song by Donneil D. Jackson.

About Jason McGee

Jason McGee is the type of man that makes you want to drop your panties at first sight. He’s the perfect shade of brown - solid chocolate - and his hair has waves that would make you seasick. He is sexy and successful. Handsome. His swagger draws the ladies to him and the fact that he’s the owner of Jason’s World Productions entices the groupies even more. He has the ability to make you a star if he wants to and he uses it to his advantage. In his heart, he cares for Chante, so he gives her his American Express Black card to show his love, but lustful desires rule him.

Excerpt from Chante’s Song

“Chante, hold that elevator,” Jason screamed, coming toward the closing doors.

“Okay.” I smiled and pressed the close door button.

“You’re pressing the wrong button,” a blond haired, blue-eyed black girl said as she stuck her arm out in the path of the closing doors.

“Thanks.” Jackass. Who in the hell said I wanted to be in an elevator with Jason. I was avoiding him at all costs. I must admit it; February was almost over and I was doing well.

The blond haired blue-eyed floozy got off the elevator on the tenth floor, which left Jason and I alone. The last thing I wanted was to be alone with Jason. Damn sure not for a ride up twenty-six flights. I was not strong enough yet. My main purpose for avoiding him was I could not guarantee that my panties would not come down or make their way over to the side. I looked him over. He looked good. Smelled good. He was smiling at me.

“Why have you been avoiding Daddy?”

“Jason, leave me alone.” I stood in my corner of the elevator. My eyes never looked in his direction.

“Did you enjoy your twelve days of Christmas?”

“I gave it away,” I mumbled.

“Why did you do that?” He came closer.

“Didn’t want it.” I slid over.

“Looks like you kept one thing.” Jason pushed my hair behind my ear to admire the diamond earring I was wearing. “On Christmas, I came by your place. Franklin said you weren’t there.”

“I wasn’t.” I kept a few of the gifts. I gave my mother a beautiful cashmere wrap, Kayla a necklace with a charm, and Keia a pair of diamond studs. The rest I kept.

“I tried to spend New Year’s Eve with you.” He massaged my neck. “Bought tickets to the Black and White Ball. ...”

“Did they really?” I removed his hand.

Jason caught a good view of the rock gracing my ring finger.

“Oh, this is why you haven’t been returning my calls. Or why I haven’t really seen you since that night at the hotel. This also explains why you sent my shit back and why you weren’t home on Christmas. You’re about to marry some dude? … Who is he?”

“Jason, does it matter who he is?” I faced him. “You’re not going to marry me. You’re not going to give me what I need in a man.” I would have given up all of my platinum, Prada, and Keith if he said he would.

Jason trapped me in the elevator by pulling the stop button. I was slightly frightened. I balled my fist up and clutched my bag with my other hand. If he wanted a fight, I was going to beat his ass with the Dior bag Kayla bought me for Christmas. In between swinging this bag, punches would be thrown. Better yet, I could do more damage if I took my boots off and hit him with the heel. Steadily, I watched him to see his next move.

Why didn’t I mush his head away? I couldn’t. Why didn’t I move away? I was frozen. Why didn’t I say no, stop, Jason? I was mute. Why had I given the palace guard the day off? ... I was not going to do it. Instead, I was going to just stand there and continue to let Jason …

(pg 117-118)

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