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03 February, 2009

"It's All About Love" Over at APOOO - Join Us!

Join me and a host of other prolific and talented authors during the month of February - Love Month, in more ways than one - over at APOOO Books as we give love, get love, and share love! If you're looking for love, you'll find it in the right place - on the APOOO website. Come check out the great articles and features that you've come to expect and appreciate from APOOO and show me [us] some love while you're over there!

Yours truly will guest blog on Friday, February 13th, and I plan on bringing a scary, rarely acknowledged slant on love to the table, in honor of a [insert spooky sounds here] "scary" day. So don't leave me hanging, folks. See you there!


Yasmin said...

Terra look forward to hosting you.

Terra Little said...

Looking forward to being hosted, Yasmin!

Thanks for stopping by The Blog-Zine and checking up on me. You know I love company!