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03 February, 2009

Chronicles of a Lesser-Known Writer: Part XIII - Sources of Inspiration & Encouragement

Hello Fellow Lesser-Knowns,

For me, the inspiration to continue on this literary journey comes from the many wonderful readers who write to let me know that they took time our of their busy lives to read my work and reflect on it. At my core, I write, not because I want to, but because I need to. I have to. But I can only allow the world to see what I stay up all hours of the night writing, because of my readers' supportive reception. Knowing that people care enough to read my words is a powerful motivator on those days when I'm wondering if I should keep knocking at literary's door.

Am I knocking loudly enough? Is anyone home? Am I at the right address? You know what I'm talking about, fellow LKs.

So, I thought I'd take a moment to share with you an email that I received today, in hopes that it inspires you as much as it did me. To write or not to write, that is the question, and sometimes the answer you seek lands in your inbox when you least expect it. Please read on...


Ms. Little,

I just want to thank you for opening up my mind to read. I work for [deleted in the interest of anonymity] and we had a copy of your book in the office. Since I am in grad school, finding time to read has been a challenge. However, I read "Running from Mercy," and something just clicked. I use to love to read as a child, but reading has escaped me since my middle school years. If it wasn't for you and your inspirational work, my love for reading would not be as prolific as it is today. I can't wait until spring break to read "Where There's Smoke," I still have to be studious before personal. Funny how the simplest things can be such a huge inspiration. Again, Thank you :)


There was no question as to whether I'd respond to this woman's thought-provoking and greatly appreciated email. Here is my reply to her:


Indeed, it is funny how the simplest things can be sources of inspiration. Take, for instance, coming home after a loooong day at work, checking my email, and finding a message like yours in my inbox. Here I am, a low on the totem pole author, trying to get my voice out there and be heard, and here you are, hearing me. LOL.

So, please, don't thank me. Allow me to thank YOU, because you have truly inspired me to persevere in the literary world. I'm humbled that I could be a source of inspiration for you and I'm grateful to you for reaching out and inspiring me. I look forward to your feedback on "Where There's Smoke" and I wish you continued success in your studies.


So now I'm asking you, fellow Lesser-Knowns... What or who inspires you and why? What are your thoughts as you knock at literary's door? Whom do you hope answers? And what will you do when they come to the door?



LaTreka Cross said...

My husband inspires me. He's always encouraging me to finish my manuscript and he has even taken the time to read over what I have thus far as the first draft.

What are my thoughts as I knock on Literary's Door? Hum...Let's see. I'm a little abstract, so I hope that someone somewhere understands my work and can take away from the reading a moral thought.

I hope the one who answers digs deeper to look beneath the surface of the words I've written and explore the endless possibilities of the divine.

Terra Little said...


Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts on inspiration/encouragement with us. It must be wonderful to have such a supportive husband and one who likes to read, no less! LOL

Abstract is good...makes you think!Good luck in your literary endeavors, fellow LK.