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02 December, 2008

Introducing Author Edwin De Leon

A Forgiver's Consequences by Edwin De Leon

When Lisa married David, she thought she found every woman's dream, the "perfect" man. He was intelligent, educated, independent, successful and last but not least, extremely handsome. Soon after, she discovered that the fairy tale marriage she envisioned quickly turned into a nightmare. Her husband's jealous and aggressive nature would manifest itself in severe mental and physical abuse. Moreover, despite numerous pleads and promises from him that he would change, it never happen.

Lisa's love for him and undying determination not to allow her marriage to fail would compel her to continue to forgive him. However, the abuse continued, and with every episode, the severity of the results became more and more alarming. Profoundly embarrassed and gravely despaired, she turns to her long time friend and confidant, Javier. A man torn between his love for her and the respect he has for their friendship. In an effort to bring comfort and support to his friend, Javier’s loyalty and support is unwavering. However, this decision proves to be a dangerous one, resulting in a series of devastating consequences.

Visit Edwin De Leon, author of A Forgiver’s Consequences online at www.4apurposeonline.com.

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Dana Pittman said...


Thank you for exposing your readers to Edwin. His book is one that anyone can enjoy. It's a quick read with a wonderful message.


Edwin De Leon said...

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the add and featuring my debut novella "A Forgiver's Consequences". I've been very humbled by the response I've been receiving with this short novel and I give all the credit and glory to my savior, Jesus Christ. Much blessings to you and all of your current and future endeavors!
Edwin De Leon

Terra Little said...

Hi Edwin & Dana,

Thanks go to you two, for gracing my blog with your presence. I hope readers everywhere enjoy your project, Edwin, and I look forward to working with both of you again!