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05 November, 2008

"Here's Our Child, Where's The Village?" - The Anthology

Hi All,

It's me again, bringing you the scoop on an anthology focused on heightening awareness of the many children worldwide who are awaiting adoption, fostering by good families, and love from people who really care. Please consider adding this one to your collection.

Compiled by Beverly Black Johnson and the Gumbo for the Soul team, "Here's Our Child, Where's The Village?" is the second Gumbo anthology, this one featuring generous contributors - including adoptees, adoptive parents, best-selling authors, radio/tv personalities, and seasoned and first time writers - conveying thought-provoking perspectives on adoption, growing up in foster care, and the state of child and elder care today.

Not only is this an inspirational piece worthy of your attention, but it also includes an essay entitled, "Call Me Ma'am", written by YOURS TRULY. In it, I touch upon some of my personal experiences working with youth as a Probation & Parole Officer.

Check it out, folks, and be sure to let me know what you think. Visit the Gumbo for the Soul site at: www.gumboforthesoul.com for ordering information.

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