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20 October, 2008

The Secret Life of Bees... What Say You?

Hi All,

So I went to see the movie, The Secret Life of Bees, this past Saturday and I loved it. Before that, I bought six (more) pairs of shoes, but I'm digressing.

I thought Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, Sophie Okinado(sp?), and Dakota Fanning were excellent. Yes, I did cry about ten times during the movie, but don't tell nobody. I do have a reputation to maintain, you know.

Anywho, talk to me, people. How close to the book do you think the movie stayed? Who was your favorite character? Who was your least favorite? Did you cry? Did you go see the movie? Are you going to go see it? Why or why not?

And, you know what? This time I mean it. I really want to hear from you guys. How can we have, like, 2,000+ subscribers to date and no one ever has anything to say? Come on, now. I'm starting to feel a little neglected over here.

Help a sista out, would you? Somebody...

Heck, if you didn't see the movie, then tell us about the shoes you just bought. Me? Black croco stilettos, red stilettos, a black pair and a pewter pair of ultra flats (I'm going to try stuffing my butt into some skinny jeans one day soon), black suede wedges, and brown/bronze croco wedges.

I'm sorry, but I'm a shoe addict. Wore some cute little black, shoe-boots to the theatre, too. Okay, sue me.


heliniorimsa said...

Secret life of bees is the latest for me. It is about a girl just like me who is run away from home and live with some dearest people Life is surly a story and a task to achieve. It is not about the races it is about the humanity most of the times saw it from http://www.80millionmoviesfree.com fantastic it is

Terra Little said...

Automatic Disclaimer: I was unable to delete the reference to the above mentioned website, without deleting the entire comment, which I did not want to do. Let's just all pretend we don't see it, alright? Off to the theater you go...


Thanks for commenting, Heliniorimsa. Did I spell that right? I hope so. And you're right, the movie wasn't so much about the races as it was about the power of family. However, it did have its moments where it spotlighted racism - voter's rights, etc. - but more powerful for me was the message of acceptance and love, no matter what color. Often times, we find love in the most unlikely places. But its no less powerful or meaningful for having done so.

Thanks again. Come back soon!