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03 August, 2008

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Have I Said, "Thank You!" Yet?

Just wanted to post a quick thank you note for the world to see. As of the first August 2008, The Official Blog-Zine of Author Terra Little is 550+ subscribers strong! I appreciate that and I hope the numbers keep climbing! Everyday more great people join us and to them I say, "Welcome!" Come in, pull up a seat and stay as long as you want.

In the meantime, it's not all about me here on the Blog-Zine, folks. My goal is to keep the content coming - fresh, up-to-the-minute, entertaining, informative & interactive. So help a sista out, huh?

Is there an industry topic you'd like more information on? Someone you'd like to know more about? Something you want to share with our subscribers?

Post a comment here or shoot me an email off-loop and let me know. The Rhona Barrett of The Blog-Zine Scene will get right on it. So let me hear from you!

This ain't over...

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