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17 August, 2008

Lovin' the Midwest!

Greetings from the Midwest!

The weekend before last, I was in Chicago, IL, signing Running from Mercy at Da Book Joint on S. Jeffery Avenue. Verlean Singletary and her staff were most welcoming and those little wrap sandwiches and veggies & dip Verl set out were delish! The refreshments were probably more so for customers, but, hey, what can I say? Couldn't half talk for trying to stuff my face. LOL. Thanks, Verl, et. al!

Today I was in Kansas City, MO, signing Running from Mercy at Willa's Books & Motif, etc. on Troost Avenue. Miss Willa and her daughter were warm and gracious hosts, and Miss Willa's bookstore is packed with rare, hard-to-find and new books - a virtual feast for the book-loving senses. She also has a wide variety of lovely Afro-centric wares. I also got a chance to meet the founder of the KC Girlfriends Book Club, TaNisha Webb. Folks, I had a ball!

So I'm sending shout-outs to Verl & Da Book Joint and Miss Willa & Willa's Books & Motif, etc. If you're in the Chicago, IL area drop by and meet Verl and her staff. Kansas City, MO folks, get on over to Miss Willa's place and see what you can see. Click on the links in this post to visit their websites.

Ummkay? You know this ain't over...

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