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01 June, 2008

Who Knows Best - Mommy or Daddy?

Hi All,

One of the themes throughout Running from Mercy is the issue of the main character's lack of parents or a true home. Both Pamela Mayes and her identical twin sister, Paris, grew up in a children's home and they never knew what it was like to have either a mother or a father. Later in life, they both manifest this deficit in different ways, leaving readers to wonder if things would have gone differently for them if they'd had parents. Specifically, Paris might've been a different person if she'd had the influence of a mother in her life and Pam, if she'd had a father in hers. Or perhaps vice-versa.

Why do you think this is?

If you haven't read Running from Mercy you'll have to pick up a copy for yourself and see why one of my Amazon.com reviewers had a hard time reconciling herself with the characters and the storyline. Sometimes issues like sibling relations and family dynamics hit a little too close to home, making us squirm in our seats a bit.

So the question is: Which parent do you think most influences a little girl's life - mother or father? How and Why?

Taking part in the poll on the side panel here gives you an opportunity to cast your vote, so go for it. Then visit the SistahFriend Book Club website and forum at http://www.sistahfriend.com, to give a more detailed response to the question. You could win an autographed copy of Running from Mercy, shipped directly from Mercy, GA!

See you there!

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CaroleMcDonnell said...

uhm.... my mom divorced my father when i was about four. It's interesting how this lack of a father has influenced my life. It certainly makes it hard for me to trust in God as a Father cause i never had one. And my mother worked so hard so all i know is that. I figure other things affect the scenario also. Grandparents, money, no male protector from sexual predators. -C