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20 June, 2008

The City of Booker Hill 50210 Has Room For New Residents!

In the beginning, there was All My Children and then As the World Turns (or vice versa). Then there was Dallas and Falcon Crest (or vice versa). Then there was Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place (or vice versa). Now there is Booker Hill 50210 and soap opera bourgeoisie. Aptly named for the hill it was founded on, the city of Booker Hill is in Anywhere, USA 50210, and people from all over the world are flocking there to take advantage of all the prime real estate for rent.

Are your characters looking to make a move in the near future? If so, The Booker Hill 50210 Soap Saga has plenty of space available, as long as you subscribe to our community guideline of taking a novel approach to literary promotion and entertainment.

Each week an author or creative writer will feature an excerpt of their work on the show, but not in the way you’ve come to expect. There will be no extensive author interviews and no rehashing of information our audience might already know. What there will be is you, the author, cracking open your work and bringing your character(s) to life. Your project dictates show content and you or your designated soap star(s) are the actor(s)!

“What is your book about?” will become an obsolete question once your characters move into Booker Hill 50210 and speak for themselves – live and in real time! It’s no longer about you; it’s about them and what they have to say. So bring your work to the Booker Hill 50210 stage and experience “improv” theatre at its best. Like Wayne Brady, you’ll be asking yourself, “Whose line is it, anyway?”

For more information about Booker Hill 50210 and how you can schedule your custom episode, visit: http://bookerhillsoaps.googlepages.com. Then email the Soap Maven-Gossip Extraordinaire at bookerhillsoaps@gmail.com to sign your lease! Our premiere season is about to start and your work could be a headliner, so get to packing!

Booker Hill 50210 & The Soap Maven-Gossip Extraordinaire are products of the overactive imagination of Author Terra Little (http://www.terralittle.com)

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