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08 June, 2008

Chronicles of a Lesser-Known Writer: Part IV * An 11-Step Plan to Promote & Not Go Broke

Eleven Online Destinations (Websites) Where You Can Promote Your Book & Keep Your Budget From Being Shot To Hell...I mean, heck...

1) RAWSISTAZ Literary Group (Reading & Writing Sistaz) - Book promo/ad space available, book reviews, book previews, writing resources, author chats, contests, and more.

2) Published.com - Free directory of writers & artists.

3) The GRITS.com - Book/promo ad space available, online book promotion services (podcasts, virtual book tours, eblasts, etc.), and more.

4) Writers Unlimited - Writer's community*Reader's Paradise; many free exposure and promo opps.

5) Urban-Reviews - Book promo/ad space available, book reviews, author interviews, contests, and more.

6) Book Tour.com - Where authors & audiences meet.

7) AALBC (African-American Literature Book Club) - Book promo/ad space available, book reviews, writing resources, forums, author profiles, and more.

8) Once Upon a Romance "Not just about romance" - A place for the discriminating reader & writer of fiction, book/promo opps, and more.

9) Book Marketing Network - Writers & readers community; many free exposure and promo opps.

10) Mosaic Books "The quintessential place for booklovers" - Author features, bookclub information, variety of author/book promo services available, and more.

11) MySpace - Don't discount the reach and exposure you can get from the MySpace community; post book info & event bulletins, make friends, blog, upload videos, develop a network where you can spread the word about your book.


Hey Everyone said...

Great list! The greatest part about the internet is self promotion and connecting with your readers. I would also suggest facebook and youtube (with a cheap video recorder you can make your own book trailer :)

Terra Little said...

Thanks and you're right. Case in point, my book trailer. LOL. Next go-round I will definitely add these sites.