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10 May, 2008

Writers of Color Blog Tour

The Writers of Color Blog Tour is a place to review, discuss, and promote books, art, culture, and music by minority creatives. Writers of color include those from the African, Asian, Native American, Hispanic, and other culturally-infused diasporas, and each brings its own unique offering to the group. This blend of creative voices and genres makes for a rich artistic platform and diverse selectives.

The goal of the group is to increase awareness and appreciation for culturally-infused works, so if you're a patron of writers of color and/or you're a writer of color yourself, we invite you to join our community. Just as our name implies, we will be blogging on topics of interest to readers and writers, and doing our part to promote exposure by touring members' works via the blog.

Click on the title to visit the blog and learn more about us. See you there!


Tee said...

Thanks for sharing...I'll definitely check this out!

Terra Little said...

You're welcome! Spread the word. It's a great blog!