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02 May, 2008

Introducing the 'Chronicles of a Lesser-Known Writer'

I recently visited a popular author's website and greatly appreciated a serial piece I found there on the highs and lows of finding a place in the literary world. So much so that I was inspired to begin the Chronicles of a Lesser-Known Writer for myself. It occurs to me that I might find literary solace in (b)logging my ongoing experiences, as I attempt to carve out a place for myself and my works in the literary arena. Any aspiring author knows that the journey is long, hard and frequently discouraging. But we keep at it, because without hope there is nothing.

At one of my very first book signings, one I arranged for the self-published version of Running from Mercy in, I guess, 2006 or so, my aunt presented me with a wall hanging (I don't know how else to describe it - it's not a picture or a plaque or whatever) that says: "She believed she could, so she did." I really liked it and it's hanging in my office at this very moment, but I couldn't help wondering, "What have I done? I mean, really, in the broad scheme of things, how far am I really 'out there' and does anybody really know who the hell I am?"

Can I say 'really' one more time? I'm digressing.... Back to the point...

I'm sure I'm not the only aspiring writer who feels this way, because writing is not like a traditional job, where you clock in and clock out, and go on about your life. Writing is your life and if you're having difficulty witnessing the fruits of your loving labor, you might, by association and in general, start to become a little disgruntled with where you are in life. Now me, I tend to be a disgruntled person just on GP and by nature. If I'd been born way back when, I probably would've been Harriet Tubman's sidekick or I would've likely started a labor union or I would've been the first one freeing these DD's and burning my damn Playtex. So please don't worry overly much when I say I'm disgruntled, because it will probably be engraved on my headstone when I incite a riot over voter's rights or some such issue and write a check with my mouth that my ass can't cash. It'll be lights-out and I'll officially be a martyr, instead of what I am now, which is a contentious workplace vigilante.

By 'disgruntled' I mean that I am in the throes of trying to be a writer of quality works, trying to establish a fan base, trying to promote my work and seemingly running around in circles...all of that. Hence, the Chronicles of a Lesser-Known Writer. Here I plan to put it out there - what I'm doing, how I'm doing it and what the end results are - where my literary pursuits are concerned. Hopefully, in the process I can pass on some helpful information to other aspiring writers, while I'm teaching myself patience and connecting with the many benefits of therapeutic journaling.

So I invite you to join me frequently, here, on my blog, and check out what I'm doing and what I've got to say about it. From time to time, I 'll send a shout-out and ask other aspiring authors to chime in for your reading pleasure. It should be great fun.

Stay Tuned. I'm going to bed now, but this ain't over...

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Terra, I'm looking forward to the ride!